The Day Scholar’s Association

1. The name of the Association shall be ‘The Day Scholar’s Association of the Rimuli College, Rimuli. There shall be two separate Associations, one for plus two students and another for plus three students.
2. All the day scholar’s of the college shall be the members of their respective association.
3. The aim of the Association is to foster the spirit of fellowship through cultural activities, co-operation and discipline amongst all the Day Scholar’s of the college.
4. There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of :
(i) President - Principal (Ex-officio)
(ii) Vice-president - A member of teaching staff nominated by the principal.
(iii) Any other member of teaching staff nominated by the principal.
(iv) Secretay - To be elected from among the Day Scholar’s of the college, separately for +2 classes and +3 classes.
(v) Assistant Secretary - To be elected from among the Day Scholar’s of +2 1st year, +3 1st and IInd year classes separately for +2 and +3 classes.
(vi) Class Representatives - One from each class to be elected by the Day Scholars from among themselves separately for the two Associations.

5. The secretary shall organise all the functions of the Association with the approval of the president and cause a notice for each ordinary meeting.
6. In the absence of the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary will discharge all his / her duties.
7. The office bearers can be removed if they fail to discharge duties by a vote of no condidence passed by 2/3 of the members of the Association.
8. The funds of the Association will be under the control of the principal and expenditure to be made shall get the approval of the principal.
9. Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the society.