National Service Scheme

The National Service Scheme has been introduced in Rimuli College since 1982, to inculcate in the students the spirit of nation building, social responsibility, dignity of labour, development of youth leadership and above all a disciplined life.

The college at present is having Four NSS units - two male units and one female unit for +3 Degree students and one male unit for +2 students each consisting of fifty volunteers and one programme officer. Students are advised to join the NSS as volunteer and avail the chance to serve the country.

Objectives :
The main objective of NSS is to develop the personality of the students through community service. Other objectives are :
(a) Understanding the community in which they work.
(b) Understanding themselves in relation to their community.
(c) Identify the needs and problems in the community in solution of which they can be involved.
(d) Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.
(e) Apply their education in finding practical solutions to individual and community problems.
(f) Gain skills in mobilising community participation.
(g) Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
(h) Practise national integration.

Motto : The motto of NSS is
“Not Me But You”.

Activities of NSS :
Two types of camping programmes are undertaken: (i) Normal camping programmes and (ii) Special camping programmes. The duration of the normal camp is one day of 08 hours and the duration of special camp is at least 10 days or as decided by the NSS Bureau.