The Proctorial System

A Proctorial system has been introduced in the college for developing intimate relationship between students and teachers. Under this scheme, all the student of the college would be divided into several groups and each group would be headed by a teaching staff of the college, who would be known as proctor. Normally, sixteen to twentyfour students are entrusted to the charge of a teacher whom the students meet on dates and at places previously fixed and put forth their difficulties for advice. The proctor would look into the general interest of the students placed under them. They would note their generl progress in the classes, their general conduct both inside and outside the college, their participation in various extra-curricular activities and be acquainted with their difficulties. The proctor will remain in frequent touch with the students of his / her group and try to solve their problems both academic and otherwise. He / she will find out whether any student has fallen short of attendance in any subject and whether the students are well acquainted with the rules of discipline as laid down in the college calendar. The proctor shall also contact the guardians and inform them about the deficiency of their wards from time to time.

1. General Rules :
(a) Every student will be placed under the charge of a proctor who shall always be a member of the teaching staff.
(b) The students of the proctorial group shall meet the proctor at least once in a fortnight or as many times as is necessary and discuss with him / her their difficulties and academic problems.
(c) The students shall furnish required information to the proctor for the maintenance of the proctorial record.
(d) No student shall ordinarily leave the headquarters without informing the proctor.
(e) No student can ordinarily meet the Principal on official business without the permission from the proctor nor can any application be submitted without the recommendation of the proctor.
(f) Any adverse report against a student by the proctor will be seriously viewed and dealt with accordingly.
(g) The monthly tuition fees and other fees of a student will only be accepted after submission of the monthly proctorial record by the proctor.
(h) No help from any source or any other assistance will be given to a student unless recommended by the proctor concerned.
(i) Promotion in the College Examination and the issue of the final conduct and transfer certificate from the college shall also be based on the proctorial record of a student during the period of his / her study in the college.

2. Proctorial work :
(i) Tutorial and practical classes will be used for proctorial work
(ii) The scheme of proctorial distribution will be notified in due course.
(iii) Readers and senior teachers should be in charge of Honours students.