College Rules and Discipline

The Academic Session :
The Academic Session of the College is from June to May.

Admission :

Admission into various courses of the college begins after the publication of the H.S.C. Examination results an the C.H.S.E. Examination results and continues till the last day prescribed for such admission by the C. H. S. E and University or till the available seats are filled up whichever is earlier.

Undertaking :
Before a student is admitted to the college, he / she or his / her guardian shall have to sign an undertaking in the proper from to the effect that the student will abide by the rules of the college.

Address :
Every student must register in the college office the address at which he / she lives. Any change in the address must be intimated to the office in writing as early as possible.

Leave :
All students who wish to obtain leave of absence from the college must apply for that leave before they actually absentthemselves. In special cases such as illness or an urgent journey where it is not possible to obtain leave in advance, an application for grant of leave may be sent by post or by messenger.

Tutorial :
As soon as the tutorial groups are formed and notified, it is the duty of a student to find out the particular group to which he / she has been assigned. If he / she is not included in any of the groups he / she must bring the fact to the notice of the lecture in-charge of time-table.

Membership of Private Clubs or Teams :

Students of the college are forbidden–
(i) to belong to any outside Atheletic Club or any Club or Society which is not approved by Government or by the college.
(ii) to play for any team other than the College Team, without previously obtaining written permission from the principal.

Permission to accompany the College Team outside Rimuli :
When a team of students is deputed by the college away from Rimuli for any reason, member of the team and students accompanying the team must obtain leave from the principal earlier. The boarder joining such team must obtain the prior permission of the Superintendent.

Permission to organise function etc. :
No club or society should be started or maintained in the college and no function should be organised without the approval of the principal.

Discipline :
(a) Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class-room and should not ordinarily leave their seats during the period of lecture.
(b) Students should not loiter on the verandahs when they have no classes to attend. They should not disturb other classes.
(c) Scribbing, pasting bills and writing on blackboard or otherwise disfiguring the college wall are strictly prohibited.
(d) Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars, or doors of the college is also prohibited.
(e) Students are warned against handling bicycles and other vehicles which are not their own.
(f) Cycles must be padlocked and kept in the cycle-shed provided.
(g) Misbehaviour of a college student at Foot-ball, Cricket or other matches will be regarded as a breach of college discipline.
(h) Students should not leave the hall or room in the midst of any of the college meeting unless it is absolutely necessary.
(i) Students should stand in a queue while waiting to pay their tution fees or for any other purpose.
(j) Students must not temper with the light or fan switches.
(k) Students must at all places and particularly in the college or playground or while attending meetings conduct themselves with a sense of decorum.
(l) Students should use the toilets provided for the purpose.

Mode of Submitting Application, Complaints etc.

(a) All written applications should be dropped in the box kept for the purpose. Students need not waste time waiting to submit their applications to the principal personally.

(b) Applications for issue of C.L.C. conduct certificates Mark sheets etc. should be submitted alongwith requisite fees before 12 Noon on working days and the document will be issued after 4 p.m. if possible.

(c) Students having grievances or complaints should bring them to the notice of the principal in writing. They may, however, meet the principal with their grievances only during the fixed hours for personal hearing if necessary.

(d) Student should behave properly with the office staff. Any complaint regarding official lapses should be brought to the notice of the principal.

(e) Students are not allowed to enter into college office. They should transect their business in the college office through the counters.

Notice Board :
(a) All office orders, decisions, and instructions are given on the college notice boards placed at different points in college premises. Students should look to the Notice Board for obtaining necessary information. Ignorance of a student due to negligence will not be accepted as an excuse.
(b) No student should remove any notice from the board which will prevent his fellow students from getting the required information.
(c) Every student should go through the college calendar and prospectus in his / her own interest.
(d) No student is allowed to affix private notices on the college notice board without the permission of the principal.

Students, even if they privately subscribe to different ideologies / affiliation can not associate the college with the same in any manner.

STudents must abide by such hygenic principles and submit themselves to such anti-epidemic measures as would be adopted by the principal from time to time.

Communication with the Guardians :
Guardians of the students are expected to meet the principal, superintendent at least twice during an academic session and enquire about the welfare and progress of their wards.
Report regarding undesirable activities on the part of the students may be sent to the guardians.

Dress code :
It is obligatory for all the students of the college to be in the Uniforms in conformity with the Dress code of the college. Any student found dressed in constumes other than the ones prescribed by the college will be fined Rs. 25/- per day.

Identity Card :
Every student of the college is issued with an Identity card. The students should always carry their Identity cards with them. It may be required anytime inside and outside the college premises for their identification. Identity cards once lost can be issued for the second time on payment of requisite fees and photographs. The duplicate Identity card can be issued once only in a session. The Identity card held by the student must be returned to the office at the time of taking C.L.C. from the college, failing which C,L.C. will not be issued.

Attendance at Lectures : Students have to attend :
(a) General lectures, (b) Turotial and / or practical classes.
Each year a student is required to attend in each subject a minimum of 75% of general lectures, practical and tutorial classes calculated separately in order to be eligible for promotion to the next class or for being sent up for the CHSE / University examinations. The council and University, however, may condone deficiency of attendance to the extent of 15% only in exceptional cases. Further condonation to the extent of 5% may also be granted in case of those who represent the institution for any specific purposes to be recorded in writing. Students are advised not to absent themselves from the classes, as otherwise they are liable to be detained irrespective of their performance in the examination.

Entry of Name in the Registers :
Students are advised to see to which section and tutorial / practical group they have been assigned. The name of every student is entered in the registers for general, tutorial and practical classes. It is the duty of a student to find out if his / her name has been entered in the appropriate registers. In case he / she finds that his / her name has not been entered in the concerned register, he / she should bring the fact at once to the notice of the principal in writing.
20. College Hours : Printed time-table showing the details of classes to be held is supplied to the students. The college hours begins at 8.15 A.M. and ends at 4.30 P.M. comprising of both +2 and +3 Degree Classes of Arts and Science stream.

General Clauses :
(i) The principal may at any time alter, vary, add to or delete any of the rules on account of Government policy or CHSE (Odisha) / North-Orissa University regulations as applicable from time to time or otherwise by notifying in the college Notice Board.
(ii) The principal may, on being satisfied that it is necessary to do so for the greater interest of the students, staff, and the institution, modify any of the rules mentioned in the calendar and such modified rules shall be duly notified in the college Notice Board and shall be binding on all concerned.