Scouts and Guides

There is a (Boys) wing of scouts and (Girls) wing of Guides in the college called Rovers Crew and Rangers crew respectively. The crew works under the direct supervision of the Orissa State Bharat Scouts and Guides, Bhubaneswar. Ay student with a desire to develop his / her personality and to do some service to the nation can join either wing.

Motto of Scouts / Guides :
“Be Prepared For Service”.

Aims and Objectives :
1. To perform one’s duty to God / Religion and to one’s motherland.
2. To hel other people.
3. To inculcate the values like :

(a) Loyalty, (b) Universal brotherhood, (c) Politness and courtesy, (d) Close affinity with animals and environment, (e) Discipline, (f) Courage, (g) Thrift, (h) Purity in thought word and action, (i) Obedience.

Selected volunteers get the rare opportunity to participate in various camps, adventures and cultural festivals organised at the State and National levels.