Social Service Guide

1. The name of the Guild is Rimuli College Social Service Guild. There shall be one guild for +3 students and another for +2 students.

2. Aims and objects of the Guild are :
(a) To render social service of any description.
(b) To recommend for help to the needy and deserving students of teh college.
(c) To form a volunteer corps at the time of floods and other natural calamities to render help to the destitute.

3. Finance :
(a) Each student of the college shall pay an annual fee of Rs. 3.00.
(b) Member of the college staff may make voluntary annual contributions.
(c) Higher officials and well-to-do public men are occassionally approached to donate to the fund.
(d) The students getting help from the Social Service Guild should give an undertaking to refund the sum given when they are employed.
(e) Principal as the ex-officio president controls the fund of the Guild. Accounts of the receipts and disbursements are maintained in his office.

4. Management :
(a) Principal as the ex-officio president can amend or alter any of the rules of the constitution.
(b) There will be an executive committee consisting of the following :
Vice-president : Nominated by the principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
Secretary : Elected from among the students separately for +2 classes and +3 classes.
Assistant Secretary : Elected from among plus two 1st yr. plus three 1st and IInd yr. students, separately for +2 and +3 classes.
Other members are nominated by the principal from among the members of the staff.

The secretary shall convene the executive committee meeting of the Social Service Guild. He/She shall record the proceeding of all the meetings. The Executive Committee will recommend to the principal every year the name of the poor and deserving students of college.
The principal shall be the final authority in the matters relating to the Guild.