Student Charter

(A) Responsibility of the College towards its Students :
Rimuli College will strive :
(i) To communicate its goals and objectives clearly to all students.
(ii) To offer a wide range of programmes with flexibility.
(iii) To facilitate effective running of the teaching -feedback from students in the initiation /review and redesign of programmes.
(iv) To use feedback from students in the initiation/review and redesign of programmes.
(v) To implement a well -conceived plan for monitoring student -progress continuously.
(vi) To provide clear information to students about the admission and completion requirements for all programmes, the fee structure, financial aid and student- support services.
(vii) To ensure well -run support services to all students.
(viii) To promote values, social responsibilities and good citizenry in all students.

(B) Students' Responsibilities of Learning :
(i) Appreciate the goals and objectives of the College and contribute to their realization by participating in relevant activities of the Coillege.
(ii) Understand the teaching– learning strategies and evaluation system.
(iii) Follow the time -schedule, rules and regulations.
(iv) Undertake regularf and intensive study.
(v) Make optium use of the learning resources and other support services available in the College.
(vi) Give feedback for College imporvement.
(vii) Have faith and ablity to pursue lifelong learning
(viii) Live as worthy alumni of the College.