Other Activities and Facilities

1. The College Calendar :
The college calendar is published annually and serves as an ideal guide book for the students and staff members of the college. It is a comprehensive collection of useful information regarding various activities of the college. It also includes detailed rules and regulations that govern the college activities.

2. The College Magazine :
The College magazine entitled as the “Nagadhwani” is published anually by the institution. It provides an excellant opportunity to the students for expression of their thoughts and ideas. The magazine is edited by the chief-editor with the assistance of a board of editors who are nominated by the principal from among the members of teaching staff. In addiiton, there are two elected representatives– one from +2 classes and another from +3 Degree classes in the Editorial Board of the college magazine.

The college magazine being multilingual in nature, original literary writings like critical essays, short stories, poems, plays, memoris etc. written mainly by the students in odia, English, Sanskrit and Hindi language are published in the “Nagadhwani”. However, articles written by the members of the staff are also included in the magazine raising its standard of publication. Report of various activities of the college, students Associations / Societies alongwith photographs of important events of the college are also published in the magazine.

3. The Rimuli College Wall Magazine :

A wall magazine has been introduced in the college which is intended to provide frequent opportunities to the students and staff members to exhibit their creative and critical literary talents.

Other Important Dimensions
1. Dress Code :
The College has prescribed dress code from the session 2005-2006 which is compulsory for all students of the college. The uniform prescribed for the students of the college are as follows :

Girls : Punjabi - Sea Green colour,
Salwar - Black Colour
Odhani - Black Colour

Boys : Full shirt - Sea Green Colour
Full pant - Black Colour

In addition to the above, use of approns by the students of science stream in practical classes is compulsory.

2. Gymnasium :
A Gymnasium is functioning in our college premises. Bonafied students of the college can avail themselves of such facility regularly for their physical well-being.

3. Reprographic Service :
Reprographic service / Xerox facility is provided to all the bonafied students of the college at a consessional rate. It fulfills the needs of the students staff and college office.

4. Yoga and Pranayam :
Yoga has been implemented as a compulsory subject for the students of +2 streams in Arts and Science. Both theory and practical classes are being taken by the teachers concerned and instructors from within and outside respectively. Interested students of +3 Degree Classes attend Yoga and Pranayam Classes.

5. Conduct of Seminars :
Departmental / State seminars are being conducted in our college premises for diffusion of knowledge and interaction among students, Staff, Scholars and local public. Each Honours Deptt conducts 3-4 seminars every year.

6. Conduct of Extra-Mural Speeches :
Extra-mural speeches / talks are conducted in the college where the teaching staff members deliver speeches in their subjects to raise the excellence of the students. Guest speakers are also invited from other colleges and universities to deliver talks on various important topics.

7. Student Safety Insurance Scheme :
The New India Assurance Company Ltd. has introduced the Student Safety Insurance Scheme in educational institutions with the approval of the state Govt. of Odisha. Each and every student of the college is insured against accident, fatal disease, disablement and death during the year.

8. Cycle Stand :
The college provides cycle stand facilities for keeping bi-cycles, Scooty motor-cycles and other bikes for students and staff of the college.

9. Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell :
The anti-sexual harassment cell provides a forum to the girl students of the college for redressal of their gender related grievances. It functions under the conscious and careful supervision of a group of member of teaching staff nominated by the Principal each year. The cell helps the girl students of the college to pursure their career in a gender related tension free environment and makes them conscious about the policies and programmes of the Govt. for the protection and promotion of the rights of women.

10. Right to Information Cell :
As per the provision of RTI Act. 2005, a cell has been opened in the college from the academic session 2006-2007 to provide information as per rule.

11. Bus and Railway Concession :
State Government have taken a policy decision to allow 50% concession of bus fare to the students in teh buses run by OSRTC for the following purposes.
1. While going to and returning from the Educational Institution.
2. While going to and returning from the places of permanent residence during Summer Vacation and Puja Vacation, and
3. For to and fro journey on excurision and on specified extracurricular activities, on the certificate of the head of the institution concerned.
Similarly, certificate for Railway, concession tickets are issued to bonafied students of the college for journey for the following purposes only.
(a) Going home during vacation.
(b) Going to attend interview for education purposes, and
(c) Study tour (Group concession only).

12. Canteen :
Step has already been taken to start a college canteen inside the college premises in order to provide snacks, tea, coffee, and meals at a reasonable rate to the students and staff members. Which is likely to function shortly.

13. Grievance Redressal Cell :
The objective of the cell is to look into the genuine grievances of the students and staff members of the college. Male students, female students and staff members are allowed to put forth their grievances in writing to the concerned officers for redressal. If necessary, intervention of principal is sought for final decision.

14. Anti-Ragging Cell :
Anti-ragging cell has been functioning in the college since the Government have made specific instruction in this regard to prevent reagging in educational institutions. Special care is being taken for this purpose by the administration of the college.

15. Computer Literacy Programme :
The College undertakes computer literacy programmes every year for the new entrants in association with the local computer training centres.

16. The students. Common Room :
The college provides common room facilities to the students. There are two common rooms - one for male students and another for female students. The common room provies a common place for the students to retire and relax. Newspapers and periodicals are placed in the common room for use of students at their leisure hours.

17. Sports and Games Facilities :
The College provides both indoor and out door sports and games facilities to the students under the active supervision of the PET of the College. A good play field is provided with football and cricket fields, basket ball court, badminton court, fields for kho-kho and kabadi in addition to space for hurdles, pole valut practice etc. Indoor games like carrom, chess, Table tennis etc. are provided to the students.